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Putty Hill Flea Market - May 2024
Putty Hill Park - May 4, 2024
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2024 Putty Hill Park Flea Market
Sponsored by the Parkville Recreation Council, Inc

Saturday, May 4, 2024
8:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
(Rain Date: May 11, 2024)
**Inclement Weather call: 410-372-8169

  1. Donation: $25.00 per 10’ x 10’ space. All registrations must be made online. No registrations will be accepted at the Rec Center.
  2. Absolutely no refunds will be given unless the event is canceled by the Parkville Rec Council.
  3. Set-up time is 6:00 am. to 8:00 am. (If field conditions and lighting are favorable)
  4. All vendors must check-in upon arrival and will have their ticket/receipt in the dashboard of their car.
  5. All vehicles must be off the field by 8:00 am.
  6. The Parkville Recreation Council reserves the right to refuse entry on the premises or sale thereon of any merchandise that is deemed, in the discretion of the Council, unacceptable.
  7. All vendors are responsible to bring their own tables, stands, chairs or other equipment needed for displaying their merchandise.
  8. All exhibits must be removed by 2:00 pm (With all trash and unsold items taken with you)
  9. NO Vehicles will be allowed on the field between 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. This will be strictly enforced - NO exceptions.
  10. The vendor is solely responsible for collection and payment of any Federal, State or Local taxes, including sales, amusement, admissions or receipt taxes, which may be collectible or payable by reason of its activities under this agreement. 
  11. Vendors are not permitted to sell food or drink. 

Postponement Policy:
If The Parkville Recreation Council, Inc has to postpone the Flea Market because of the weather or field conditions, the new date will be the rain date. In the event, there is a need postpone on the rain date, the Flea Market will be held the following Saturday.

After the second postponement, the Parkville Recreation Council will cancel the Flea Market and a refund (less processing fees) will be sent to you, the amount refunded being returned to the card used for registration. This is the only time a refund will be sent.

Please visit to reserve your spot.

I acknowledge Baltimore County, Maryland, the Recreation Council, and their respective employees, directors, officers, volunteers, members, and any other participant, entity, party or person involved in any regard with the Activity or the Activity premises, and their respective agents, personal representatives, heirs, employees, contractors, successors, and assigns (each an “Activity Representative” and collectively the “Activity Representatives”), SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE IN ANY REGARD OR MANNER FOR ANY AND ALL PRPORTY DAMAGE OR BODILY INJURY (INCLUDING SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY OR EVEN DEATH) INCURRED BY PARTICIPANT OR ANY PARTY RELATED THERETO AS A RESULT OF HIS/HER PARTICIPATION IN THE ACTIVITY.

I have read, fully understand, and hereby freely sign, approve of, and agree to the terms of this Registration form. I HEREBY UNCONDITIONALLY RELEASE, DISCHARGE, CONVENANT NOT TO SUE, WAIVE MY RIGHTS AND REMEDIES, AND AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS THE ACTIVITY REPRESENTATIVE from any and all claims, costs, demands, losses, damages, or expenses associated with, in whole or in part, participant’s involvements with the Activity.

(You will acknowledge this agreement in the registration form when you submit your registration for the Flea Market space/s.)

Session Registration Restrictions
This session has 71 registrations available out of 150.

Putty Hill Flea Market - May 2024
Putty Hill Park - May 4, 2024