Overlea Fullerton Recreation Council (OFRC)
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Visit ofrcdance.org to learn more about our program.
Current students - please click the log-in button above using the username and password you created at registration to access your account to make your remaining payments.

The donation button below is only for our fundraisers and direct information on how to use it will be emailed to you throughout the year.

Please note, a $25 discount will apply to the 2nd+ family members of the same household.
Additional Costs throughout the year:
Costume deposit - $60 due by Wednesday, November 23, 2022 (may be paid during registration)
- Costume balance - will have balance after the holidays and will appear different per student/class
Possible 2 $20 charges for fundraisers (if you do not participate or return)

Contact Information

Please email: ofrcstaff@gmail.com

Refund Policy

For any refunds that are issued, a $10 Admin Fee (per class) will be assessed.

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