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Contact Information

Please browse to our web site to view the program contacts.

League Information

The following leagues are offered for players 4 to 12. The player's age is determined based on their age as of April 30, 2022.

League Birth Date Between
T-Ball (4/5Y) 05/01/2016 thru 04/30/2018
T-Ball (6Y) 05/01/2015 thru 04/30/2016
Rookie (7Y) 05/01/2014 thru 04/30/2015
Rookie (8Y) 05/01/2013 thru 04/30/2014
Minor (9Y) 05/01/2012 thru 04/30/2013
Minor (10Y) 05/01/2011 thru 04/30/2012
Major (11Y) 05/01/2010 thru 04/30/2011
Major (12Y) 05/01/2009 thru 04/30/2010

5Registration Cost

The following rates apply for the Spring 2022 season. (Discounts are applied for sibling/same-household children.)
1st child - $140.00 per child
2nd child (and up) - $100.00 per child

Registration Notes

Players will not be allowed to play up unless:

  • They have a sibling in a higher league,
  • They are in the grade that is appropriate for that league (i.e. 12Y = 6th; 11Y = 5th; 10Y = 4th; 9Y = 3rd; 8Y = 2nd; 7Y = 1st), or
  • They have played up with SBA prior to the 2020 season.

In addition, players transferring from/to a Cal Ripken Park will not be allowed to participate in All-Stars for one (1) year unless they have moved to a new home in the area. If a player leaves a Cal Ripken park for travel ball or other reason, that park becomes their Home Park. When a player returns to a Cal Ripken park other than their Home Park, they must sit out of All-Stars for one (1) year.


Please remember that while girls are allowed to participate in the Semmes Baseball Association, this is a baseball league, not a softball league. If you mistakenly register for Semmes Baseball thinking that it is softball, your money will be refunded LESS a $25.00 administrative fee for overhead charges and effort.

Additional Information

If you have additional questions about the Semmes Youth Baseball program, please check out our web site.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued.

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Spring 2022
Youth Baseball
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