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Ridgely Robotics & Technology Virtual Camps - Summer 2020

Welcome to our 9th annual summer camps! While this year’s format will be different, we think that you’ll have fun, meet new people, and learn some cool things. Thanks for taking the time to check out what we have to offer. See our Facebook page (follow us!) for pictures and videos of previous camps and additional information. 


  • Each session is a separate camp. Morning sessions run from 10 AM—12 PM.
    Afternoon sessions are from 2 PM—
    4 PM.
  • However, you can sign up for different AM and PM sessions.
    For example, in week 1, you could do
    Intro. to Robotics in the morning and Flight & Space in the afternoon.
  • The cost per session is $160.00.  The drone session is $260 which includes the drone kit.
  • The camps are open to all students from all schools, including home schools.
  • The VEX Metal sessions are for advanced robotics students and by permission of the instructors only. 
  • Please note that a minimum of 4 students are necessary to run a session.

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Kallaur or Lou Schoff:

Here are the sessions we’re offering this summer. For a detailed description, scroll down:

Session # Title Week of: Grades Eligible:
1 Intro. to Robotics, AM 13-Jul 4th - 12th
2 Intro. to Robotics, PM 13-Jul 4th - 12th
3 Flight & Space, AM 13-Jul 5th - 12th
4 Flight & Space, PM 13-Jul 5th - 12th
5 Intermediate Robotics, AM 20-Jul 4th - 12th
6 Intermediate Robotics, PM 20-Jul 4th - 12th
7 Intro. to 3D Modeling, AM 20-Jul 4th - 12th
8 Intro. to 3D Modeling, PM 20-Jul 4th - 12th
9 Video Editing, AM 27-Jul 5th - 12th
10 Video Editing, PM 27-Jul 5th - 12th
11 VEX Metal, AM 27-Jul 6th - 12th
12 VEX Metal, PM 27-Jul 6th - 12th
13 3D Modeling for Robotics, AM 10-Aug 6th - 12th
14 3D Modeling for Robotics, PM 10-Aug 6th - 12th
15 Maker Camp, AM 10-Aug 4th - 12th
16 Maker Camp, PM 10-Aug 4th - 12th
17 STEAM Girls, AM 10-Aug 6th - 12th
18 STEAM Girls, PM 10-Aug 6th - 12th
19 Intro. to Drones, AM 17-Aug 5th - 12th
20 Intro. to Drones, PM 17-Aug 5th - 12th
21 Game Design, AM 17-Aug 5th - 12th
22 Game Design, PM 17-Aug 5th - 12th
23 VEX Metal, AM 17-Aug 6th - 12th
24 VEX Metal, PM 17-Aug 6th - 12th

Introduction to Robotics—
Learn about the principles of robotics and engineering design. Learn how to program robots through obstacles using the VEX IQ platform.

Intermediate Robotics—A continuation of Introduction to Robotics with an increased emphasis on programming and the use of sensors.

Maker Session—Become a maker! Have fun with hands-on projects. Build structures, boats, cars, and rockets. Learn about electricity and magnets and even play with your food. All this while learning a bit of engineering, physics, electronics, science and technology.

S.T.E.A.M. Girls—A program for girls interested in engineering, coding, and science are mentored and encouraged by accomplished high school and college female students.

3D Modeling & Printing—Learn the basics of computer-aided design with TinkerCAD and FlashForge printing. Create awesome things to take home! (We’ll deliver or you can pick them up at Ridgely MS.)

Fly, Code, & Race a Drone—Program your drone to make it through an obstacle course and have a drone dance party!

VEX Metal Robotics—The fundamentals of VEX EDR, as well as more advanced strategies essential to success within VEX robotics. Along with building and programming, engineering notebooks, competition strategy, and the planning process will all be covered.

3D Modeling for Robotics—An introduction to Autodesk Inventor in order to create detailed, organized virtual robot assemblies that allow for rapid prototyping. You’ll have a big advantage when you finally build your VEX robot with streamlined efficiency.

Flight and Space—Explore the science of flight by learning about and making planes, whirly-gigs, balloons, and rockets.

Video Editing— Use Windows video editing software and/or iMovie to make your own video creation! Learn the principles of video editing and how to make your own movie!

Game Design—Learn the basics of 2D game design and create your own game using the Processing game development environment!

Refund Policy

Refunds due to unforeseen circumstances will be considered. A $5 administrative fee will apply.

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