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Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council

The Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council serves the northern Baltimore County area with a wide variety of activities for children and adults. The HZRPC is a non-profit organization qualified under IRS section 501(c)(3).

Visit the HZRPC web site at for more information.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Keith Godfrey, the Volleyball Coordinator, at

Program Information

Adult Volleyball will be open for the 2023-24 season.  The season starts Tuesday, August 29, 2023.  This is a pick-up league -- no teams!  You just show up, teams are made, and then we play!

Stay Current:  stay up-to-date with the latest volleyball news by checking our website. 

Details:  Adult Volleyball was created for post-high school players to come together weekly to enjoy the exercise and fellowship the game provides.

Who Can Participate:  This is a co-ed adult league, so both men and women are eligible to play; however, they must be 16 years of age (or older) as of September 1, 2023 (born on September 1, 2007 or before).

Start Date:  The program begins when the facilities permit is approved. You will be e-mailed when that occurs.

Location:  The program gathers at the Hereford High School Gym.

Game Time:  We play every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 10:00pm.
(During basketball season, we play from 9:30pm to 11:15pm)

Length of Session:  The session runs from August 29, 2023 through the last Tuesday of the school year (June 11, 2024).

School Availability:  If Baltimore County schools are closed for any reason (all day or they close early), the Gym is not available and Volleyball will be canceled.

Program Size:  We reserve the right at any time to close registration based on numbers received. So, register early to guarantee your spot!

Registration Cost

$40.00 per player covers the entire session (if you join before January 1, 2024)
$25.00 per player for the rest of the session (if you join on or after January 1, 2024)

Payment Method

Registration online is required, but you may pay by check. If you select the option to pay by check, your registration is not considered complete until the payment is received. If your payment is not received within ten (10) calendar days after your date of registration, your registration will be voided and the spot made available to another individual.

Drop In?!

If you're interested in just trying us out before committing, please feel free to drop-in one night. It's $5 for that one night and the Waiver may be signed on-site. If you like what you see, return to the site to register for the entire season. We'd love to have you!

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued.

Available Registrations
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Adult Volleyball
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