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Academy - Fall 2018 (Not Active)
Mounts Hardball Academy
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To help determine your age group, uniform size, or any other question, please reference the EBA website.


$75 per participant

Refund Policy

There is a $10.00 administrative fee assessed to all refunds as the league has to pay credit card fees for all registrations. Upon receipt of request, a refund check will be mailed within 4 weeks.
•  A full refund (100% less admin fee) will be granted only if requested prior to the league's last live registration date.
•  A 50% refund (less admin fee) will be granted only if requested prior to August 25, 2018.
•  NO refunds will be granted after August 25, 2018*.
•  Exception clause: After August 25th, any refund request must be submitted in writing to the Ephrata Baseball Association and is subject to Board approval for exceptional cases only. (Exceptional cases may include: player relocation outside of the league boundary or major injury or catastrophe prior to opening day.) Please understand uniforms and hats have been ordered by this date. Uniforms constitute a large portion of the league's annual expense. Please send writte requests to the registration coordinator, Brad Murphy, at info@ephratabaseball.org.

Academy - Fall 2018
Mounts Hardball Academy
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