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Program Overview

TKSoccer was formed to allow children and young adults to play soccer in a nurturing environment, to have fun and to learn. We want the program to be a game-changing experience for your child! To do that, we are passionate about creating better, smarter soccer players. We focus on team building skills to teach players how to build and recognize cohesiveness. We help players build a positive self-image so they like themselves and see worth in their actions. Lastly, we create smarter soccer players. We explain why we do things, not just instruct kids to do them - it is the old saying "Training is what to do, knowledge is understanding why we do it." And most importantly, we have fun doing it because everyone remembers better when they have fun! Plus, we play locally in the beautiful gym and amazing soccer fields at Oldfields School.

Our goals are to help kids and young adults develop a winning attitude, increase their self-esteem, and increase their capacity to lead. All done in a caring, supportive and judgment-free environment.


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