St. John's Boys Basketball
Program Overview

St. John's Boys Basketball In-House Program is open to all boys in grades Kindergarten through 9th grade. It is designed for players of all skill levels with three primary goals in mind:

   •   Provide all kids with an equal opportunity to have fun, to succeed on the court, and to build self-confidence that carries into other aspects of their lives
   •   Promote Good Sportsmanship with instruction that focuses on being a team player and a good sport
   •   Teach the fundamentals of basketball while keeping it fun for the kids

The St. John's Boys Basketball Program was founded over 40 years ago by Bo Yingling and Larry Baker. The program, thanks to the methodologies put in place by Larry and Bo, works hard to bring out the best in our kids and to help kids succeed.

Larry Baker
"Our goal is to teach good sportsmanship and give every child an equal opportunity to play."

Bo Yingling
"One of the reasons we're so popular is we get everyone involved."

Below are the current available groups for this program.
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