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Program Overview

Dear Parents and Coaches,

We are excited about the 2022-23 Season and are glad that you are participating. We just wanted to touch base with you on a few points of interest.

Philosophy – We would like to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement for your children. We believe they can learn the game and learn to enjoy soccer through positive reinforcement. Each week we will teach various skills that we expect the parents and kids will practice at home.

Coaches – We are grateful to all volunteers and appreciate everyone who helps. We will have one practice a week and 1 game per week when the season begins.

Rules – There are a number of regulations that the league expects you to follow. Our goal is to teach the kids how to play soccer. Please be respectful of players, coaches, and our opponents.

Players – As children grow up, they pass through different stages. Children have different needs and behavior; they do not all develop in the same way. For this reason it is important to be aware of the specific characteristics and priorities of each of the stages of childhood and adolescence, taking into account physical, physiological and psychological aspects.

It is important to consider the physical development of each young player and to distinguish their actual age from their physical age. The school of football is also the school of life.

Furthermore, we want to create a positive atmosphere and encourage learning.

Yours truly,

Overlea Soccer Recreation Council

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