Maryland Fiddle League
Program Overview

Discover the exciting world of lacrosse with top-tier high school coaches and players guiding the way. No need for pads, just grab your stick and join in. Our mission is all about mastering the basics while having a blast on the field. Get ready to learn, play, and enjoy the game like never before!

More about Maryland Fiddle League

Maryland Fiddle League was created as an alternative for youth lacrosse in Maryland. With each session, we aim to provide young players with instruction, repetition, and FUN.

Each session will consist of 30 minutes of instruction and skill work and 30 minutes of a freestyle style of game play.

What makes Fiddle Lacrosse different than traditional field lacrosse?

  • Players will not wear pads (there will be strict rules against stick and body checking)
  • The goals will be half the size of a traditional field goal
  • A smaller and softer ball will be used to help with skill development
  • The offensive team will have 4 players while the defensive team will have 3 players plus their goalie
    • This creates a transition opportunity that favors the offense thus giving the offensive team more opportunities to score
  • Players will be able to play without the fear of being checked/hit
  • Players will be able to play with a clear mind and have fun
  • There are no “HARD” shots allowed, which encourages players looking for higher percentage shots, and focus on accuracy as opposed to power

Instruction and skill work will consist of

  • Passing
  • Catching
  • Shooting
  • Groundballs
  • Dodging
  • Defense
  • Transition Play

Fiddle games will consist of

  • 3 youth players and 1 High School Player on the field
  • All players will play offense, and while on defense the High School player will be the team’s goalie
  • Teams will be encouraged to shoot early and often during possessions
  • Passing and cutting will be encouraged on offense as opposed to one player dodging

 Fiddle League Rules

  • Games will consist of Two 12 minute running clocks
  • There will be 3 youth players and 1 high school player on the field for each team
  • The high school player is required to play goalie for his team
  • Faceoffs will only start halves
  • After a goal, the defensive team will take the ball out of the net and start play
  • There is no crease, but players can’t make contact with the goalie.
  • Substitutions will take place “on the fly” and during dead balls
  • If a player is stick checking, body checking, or hard shooting, they will be substituted off for at least 2 minutes
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