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JLS Recreation Association
Program Overview

Welcome to the JLS Recreation Association

JLS REC Mission Statement

The mission of JLS REC is to:

  • Grow a community dedicated to the well being of All that live in our Municipalities.
  • Represent a positive atmosphere for Volunteers as well as Team players.
  • Provide positive learning experiences for the children of our Community, promoting fundamental skills,
  • Teach Good Sportsmanship as well as Team Participation.
  • Looking forward JLS mission will be to continue uniting our communities in a positive direction for the good of All.
Jacobus, Loganville and Springfield (JLS) Recreation Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing wholesome recreational activities that hearten the life-long social, fitness and fun opportunities for our residents.

JLS REC is a group of 6 volunteers from all three municipalities that promote and develop recreation for all ages in the JLS area. Each municipality appoints 2 individuals to represent their area. Each municipality representative serves a 2-year term.

We are currently looking for representatives from all 3 municipalities. We are also looking for volunteers to help with events throughout the year.

Below are the current available groups for this program.
Click on the name to get more information and/or to register.