Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse Club
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Program Overview

Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse Club is a not-for-profit lacrosse club based in Carroll County, Maryland. Formed in 2004 to develop lacrosse players from Carroll and surrounding areas, Check-Hers Elite has quickly become one of the premier club lacrosse organizations in Maryland. Designed to provide opportunities for girls who have a passion for lacrosse, Check-Hers Elite is committed to helping the player realize her potential and maximize her lacrosse experience and exposure.

What is the Club's philosophy?

The club requires commitment from all players, but we encourage participation in other sports and family activities as well. Check-Hers Elite expects players to attend all practices to improve the individual skills and team tactics necessary to play on a competitive club level.

When is the season?

The Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse Club season runs from June 1st to January 30th of the following year. The summer months of June and July are the busiest, but we also participate in fall tournaments. We take off for the entire month of August! We do not play during high school or rec league lacrosse seasons.

Tournaments and Leagues

Tournaments and leagues will allow players to gain valuable game experience and skills by playing against top competition in national-level lacrosse tournaments. These tournaments are designed to provide opportunities for our players to be seen by, and gain exposure to, college coaches. All athletes will receive fair opportunity to compete, which may not guarantee equal playing time. The amount of playing time will be determined by the coach. PERIOD! While it is not imperative that a player participate in every event, a large number of absences will defeat the purpose of committing to Check-Hers Elite.

Conduct and Sportsmanship

Check-Hers Elite is dedicated to excellence in conduct and sportsmanship. Players, coaches, parents, and family members are expected to conduct themselves as examples to all.

Club Communication

Check-Hers Elite rosters over 100 players from many different schools in several surrounding counties. All communication will be conducted via our web site and e-mail. It is the player's responsibility to stay informed and up-to-date on all Club activities.


Although Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse Club is a separate organization, we maintain a close working relationship with the Gamber/Smallwood Lacrosse Program and Courtney Vaughn, founder of the Check-Hers Lacrosse Program.

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